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Using VOC to Create the Ideal Online Experience

Digital communication is changing consumer spending habits and online behavior. Leveraging the Voice of the Customer in these channels is the best way to ensure that you have a consistent and efficient engagement strategy. The increased interactions from a multichannel communication strategy will fuel your data, analysis and decision making.

Consumers are becoming more opinionated when it comes to their online expectations, and they’re quick to abandon your website if their experience is not up to par. Providing digital channels to the right customer, at the right time, also means giving your customers the luxury of communicating with your brand in their preferred medium. More…

The Importance of Meaningful Connections

In our webinar, “Make Your Online Connections Count,” panelists Lawrence Solis from LivePerson and Maya Kotecha from Social Herd, spoke on how to create meaningful connections in their respective fields. Lawrence explored the controlled realm of live chat, while Maya, the uncontrolled social media space. Although live chat and social media are different platforms used to engage customers, similar steps can be taken for both to ensure rewarding interactions.

By leveraging insights from technology and VOC information gathered from calls, chats, e-mails, etc., you can get to know your customers, their motivations, and desires. A survey from Cone Communications states the top three things consumers want to get out of an interaction with a brand is to be offered incentives (77%), to have their problems solved/customer service (46%), and to be asked for feedback (39%). The thing consumers wanted least from a brand interaction is to be marketed to (21%). So not only do you want to get to know your customers, but you want to engage with them and develop a long-lasting relationship. A meaningful connection involves more than just making a sale; however, some may have a hard time knowing how to get there. More…

Concentrate on the Customer Experience: How Sephora Uses Social & Developing Your own Strategy

If you missed Part One in this series click here to read it first!

Now that you know the importance of social media brand integration, an overview of incorporating e-commerce, and a few of the benefits you could gain from it, the next step is to learn what others are doing and how to tweak that to suit your own needs. Keep reading for inspiration and tips on how you can make better use of your social sites.

Who does it well

There are many companies running their social media pages the right way. Not only are they paying attention to their customers’ needs, wants, complaints, etc., but they are also taking advantage of the space to advertise new products and services and generate buzz. There are even a select few influencing how other retailers must perform in order to keep up. A great example of this can be seen in beauty giant Sephora. More…

Consistency is Key: Promote Dialogue and E-Commerce Purchasing on Social Sites

Social media marketing can seem overwhelming. When you start out it can feel like no one is listening, then once it picks up there aren’t enough hours in the day to respond to everyone on every channel. Not only is it difficult to measure its metrics and ROI, but with all of the options out there it can be hard to know where to even begin. While most companies today have a presence on some form of social media, many channels are underutilized. Insites Consulting’s Van Belleghem and De Meester state 68% of companies have a Facebook page, 56% own a Twitter account and 47% are on LinkedIn (4). That may seem fairly high, but their findings go on to state that, “4 out of 10 companies are still in the early stages of integration of social media” (5). Just because you have a brand page does not mean that you are truly optimizing the space. Developing new brand pages can be time consuming, but if done correctly, “…You can create a dialogue with your customers to ensure the right messages are relayed,” and, “uncover what they want, need, and expect” (Rogers). More…

Making Meaningful Connections: LivePerson Aspire 2012


Our team had the opportunity to attend LivePerson Aspire last week in New York. There were so many great conversations and thought provoking points to take away from the event, some of ours include:

  • Create deeper customer connections by aligning marketing and customer service experiences
  • Keep the customer in the channel of their choice and leverage the data to improve customer engagement
  • Your customers are everywhere, be prepared to communicate with them via mobile chat

During the Office Hours sessions, we discussed Optimizing your Workforce and increasing labor productivity to maximize return on  your technology investment. Click here to view the summary.


Gearing up for Aspire 2012 in NYC

24-7 Intouch will be at LivePerson Aspire in NYC next week.

Some of the featured sessions include:

  • “The Future of Connection” from Robert LoCascio, CEO, LivePerson
  • “360-Degree Customer Engagement” from Erin Smith, Director, Managed Global Services, Petco
  • “Marketing Agility in the Age of the Connected Customer” from Jason Daigler, Manager, Online Product Management, The Home Depot
  • “Turning Social Media into a Lead Generation Tool with Chat” from David Phillips, Online Marketing Manager, Cvent
  • “Taking Chat to SMS:  Using Technology to Get to People When They Need Help the Most” from Brian Pinero, Acting Director, Love is Respect
  • “The Power of the Right Deal at the Right Time:  Achieving Extraordinary Results with Keyword Lift™” from Sara Shikhman, President, Bedroom Furniture Discounts
  • “The Future of Innovation” from Thomas Stat- Co-Founder and Executive Director, Edison Universe, and TED speaker
  • “Empowering your Business Through Community,” from Peter Block—Author of Community


Live Chat Integration – Part 2

Driving ROI: “Return on Invitations” Through Proactive Chat

In the scramble to maintain pace with growing customer expectations and constantly evolving trends in consumer engagement, live chat has become widely accepted as an integral part of any total contact management solution.

As new contact channels have developed, and social media has taken the stage as a focus for 2012 and beyond, live chat technology and strategy have also continued to evolve, offering capabilities for targeted engagement and promising a new kind of ROI, “Return on Invitations”.  Proactive chat, or rules based engagement, is not a new concept, but one that is gaining acceptance (no pun intended), as companies begin to recognize the need for more meaningful customer engagement.


24-7 Intouch to Attend LivePerson Aspire 2012

WINNIPEG, Manitoba. May 16, 2012 – For the second consecutive year, members of 24-7 Intouch will attend LivePerson’s Aspire 2012 customer summit, taking place June 12th to 14th in New York City. Aspire serves as a platform for LivePerson users, partners, peers and subject matter experts to communicate innovative ways to engage customers.

“We are very excited to attend our second straight Aspire, and to share ideas with so many different thought leaders on live chat best practices and customer engagement trends,” said Matt Cockell, Vice President of Sales and Business Development at 24-7 Intouch. “Last year’s event proved to be successful, and we hope to contribute to the dialogue through offering insight on the service behind the technology.”


Pinterest for B2B Marketers

Currently managed by Cold Brew Labs, Pinterest is an online site that allows you to “pin” or place pictures, photographs, information, etc. in an organized and aesthetically pleasing way. It was first launched as a beta prototype in March 2010, but has grown quickly since. An article by Lauren Drell discusses how Pinterest, “…drives more traffic to retail sites than Google +, YouTube, and LinkedIn combined, and… more traffic to blogs than Twitter,” but that brands still aren’t using it to its full potential.

The site is no longer just for those looking for inspiration, a new workout, delicious recipe, or help planning the wedding they may or may not ever have. Many B2C companies already have a presence on Pinterest, utilizing the service in their own unique way. Barney’s New York recently launched a campaign on Valentine’s Day in which Pinterest members could create their own wish lists. The items available for the lists were all inbound links to the Barneys website, thus increasing traffic.


Chat and Social Media Go Hand in Hand

Social Media today, is what chat was in the past: an emerging new channel.  Today, some of us have figured out our chat channel and those who have, are already one step ahead of the game in figuring out their social media channel. But what if we haven’t embarked on the journey of chat? I was reading about two new tools LivePerson has developed; Insights and Marketer. Collectively, they can help provide, in short order, the information not only for a successful chat launch, but also the key data needed to determine a Social Media Strategy.  Relating back to the contact center, below are a few of the key ways Insights provides information from agent perspective. More…