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24-7 Intouch to present in mobile customer engagement webinar


Ryan Brummond, Director of Solutions at 24-7 Intouch, will be presenting in an upcoming webinar on February 2, 2016 with Aberdeen Group and BoldChat by LogMeIn entitled ‘Mobile Customer Engagement for Retailers: How to Move Beyond Hype to Success’.

The webinar will include key learnings from the 2015 holiday season and tips for success in 2016, steps to blend mobile engagement with your omni-channel program, and how proactive communications can drive engagement and reduce cart abandonment.


The Importance of Meaningful Connections

In our webinar, “Make Your Online Connections Count,” panelists Lawrence Solis from LivePerson and Maya Kotecha from Social Herd, spoke on how to create meaningful connections in their respective fields. Lawrence explored the controlled realm of live chat, while Maya, the uncontrolled social media space. Although live chat and social media are different platforms used to engage customers, similar steps can be taken for both to ensure rewarding interactions.

By leveraging insights from technology and VOC information gathered from calls, chats, e-mails, etc., you can get to know your customers, their motivations, and desires. A survey from Cone Communications states the top three things consumers want to get out of an interaction with a brand is to be offered incentives (77%), to have their problems solved/customer service (46%), and to be asked for feedback (39%). The thing consumers wanted least from a brand interaction is to be marketed to (21%). So not only do you want to get to know your customers, but you want to engage with them and develop a long-lasting relationship. A meaningful connection involves more than just making a sale; however, some may have a hard time knowing how to get there. More…

Concentrate on the Customer Experience: How Sephora Uses Social & Developing Your own Strategy

If you missed Part One in this series click here to read it first!

Now that you know the importance of social media brand integration, an overview of incorporating e-commerce, and a few of the benefits you could gain from it, the next step is to learn what others are doing and how to tweak that to suit your own needs. Keep reading for inspiration and tips on how you can make better use of your social sites.

Who does it well

There are many companies running their social media pages the right way. Not only are they paying attention to their customers’ needs, wants, complaints, etc., but they are also taking advantage of the space to advertise new products and services and generate buzz. There are even a select few influencing how other retailers must perform in order to keep up. A great example of this can be seen in beauty giant Sephora. More…

Consistency is Key: Promote Dialogue and E-Commerce Purchasing on Social Sites

Social media marketing can seem overwhelming. When you start out it can feel like no one is listening, then once it picks up there aren’t enough hours in the day to respond to everyone on every channel. Not only is it difficult to measure its metrics and ROI, but with all of the options out there it can be hard to know where to even begin. While most companies today have a presence on some form of social media, many channels are underutilized. Insites Consulting’s Van Belleghem and De Meester state 68% of companies have a Facebook page, 56% own a Twitter account and 47% are on LinkedIn (4). That may seem fairly high, but their findings go on to state that, “4 out of 10 companies are still in the early stages of integration of social media” (5). Just because you have a brand page does not mean that you are truly optimizing the space. Developing new brand pages can be time consuming, but if done correctly, “…You can create a dialogue with your customers to ensure the right messages are relayed,” and, “uncover what they want, need, and expect” (Rogers). More…